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Fred has joined a singing group!

In addition to my solo act, I joined an awesome four-person musical group called "Rosewood" in March of 2014. Based out of Long Beach, we travel all over So Cal, performing acoustic versions of lighter rock and timeless pop songs, with an emphasis on great vocal harmonies! Check out Rosewood pages on Facebook and track our upcoming gigs on Blogspot for complete information, booking information, demos, photos, etc.

About my harmonies:
You might have noticed in some of my demos that there seems to be someone singing harmony with me.  Well, that someone is ME, and I'm using a really cool foot-pedal vocal effects box called the Harmony-G XT by T.C.Helicon.  It "listens" to my guitar chords, and as my mic vocals are passed through it, the Harmony-G XT adds a 2nd or 3rd voice above or below mine, as I'm singing, with NO programming required!  It is AWESOME!!  The Harmony-G XT model is discontinued (you might still find it on Craigslist, eBay, etc.), but TC Helicon has a newer effects boxes available.  However, I find it hard to beat my H-G XT!

About my "back-up band":
I use a program called Band-in-a-Box, by PG Music, to create my backing tracks. BIAB is easy to use, and the tracks are not too shabby. If I could afford a live band, trust me, I would hire one.  But BIAB (and Harmony-G) don't drink my beer, are never late for rehearsal, and don't flirt with my wife! 

A better way to tune your guitar without an electronic tuner!