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Updated Jan 2011

What does Fred sound like?

Here are some audio and video demo files.  Most are "live" from actual gigs where I've performed in front of a live audience.   The audio quality of the videos isn't always the greatest, usually taken directly via the camera's mic. However, each video should give you some idea of what I'm like in front of an audience.  
Some files are merely audio recordings without video.  Again, don't dwell on audio recording quality here -- I'm just trying to provide a means to audition of my performance.  If you have any difficulties playing these files just contact me and I will send you the files.  By the way, some songs have a back-up band and vocal harmonies -- trust me, it's ALL me and me alone!

Finally, I am ALWAYS willing to provide a live audition for you, anytime/anywhere if you can't catch me at one of my live gigs!  This is the best way to "see me in action" for yourself.  Only then can you really judge my entertainment merits.  After all, you are not just playing CDs, are you?! Just contact me to set up an audition, or check out my Calendar to see if I'm playing somewhere local to you in the near future.

Audio Files (requires Flash player/plug-in)

These are either performances
recorded live or demo recordings
I whipped up in my "studio"
(uh, back bedroom!)

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Video File Links are below
(these will open in a new YouTube webpage - if they "skip" or "stutter" during playback, pause for about 30 seconds or so, to allow your buffer to download more of the file)  Once finished viewing, close the YouTube page to come back to here.

Marlin Grill song set
This is a short (2 minute) compilation of three songs: Heart of Gold, Handy Man, and Crazy Love. I was on-stage at the Marlin Grill in Huntington Beach, for an open mic night in October, 2010. Great audience that night!

"San Francisco Bay Blues"
(recorded live at Father's Pub in Santa Ana, 28 Dec. 2010)


"Jammer's Lament"
(a Fred Thomke ORIGINAL!)
(recorded live at Father's Pub in Santa Ana, 28 Dec. 2010)


"Tumbling Tumbleweeds"
(recorded live Father's Pub in Santa Ana, 28 Dec. 2010)