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Updated Nov 2016
Hello, and welcome to my website!

If you haven't heard me as yet, you might be wondering "Is he any good?  Can he sing well?  Is he a virtuoso on guitar or harmonica?" Well, to be blunt, I'm a fair singer, and a so-so guitar player who also manages to play harmonica in the correct key!  But those who have heard me and have seen me perform tell me that I'm one heck of an entertainer; I always get the crowd involved, and I ALWAYS have fun myself!  Singing and playing for anyone (no matter how big or small the audience may be) just makes me feel good, and I like to think those who hear me feel good, too!

From this site you will be able to read about my passion for singing and playing guitar!  Browse around the links at the left.  Get to know me. You can contact me for a possible gig.

You might have seen me play at a bar, club, or private function recently.  I hope you enjoyed it!  I know I enjoyed playing for you!  Maybe you'd like to leave a comment about the event.  Perhaps you want to know where I'm playing next -- just look at my Calendar.
  If you haven't seen me as yet, but would like to listen to me playing some of my songs, I have photos, audio, and video samples.  I also have a listing of my songs, 'though it's always a work in progress!

I also have links to other resources -- these could be friends' sites, other music-related sites, files which can be downloaded, even non-music-related.

Enjoy your visit, and come back often!

Fred Thomke
Huntington Beach, CA

Call or text:  (714) 269-7151